The Art of the Brick

I, Tokyo, Jacob Aue Sobol © Jacob Aue Sobol / Magnum Photos
17 Nov – 14 Apr, ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

Play becomes art in the latest exhibition to open at ArtScience Museum – The Art of the Brick by artist Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya’s world is limitless in this exhibition where he builds, creates and explores his imagination using the beloved LEGO® brick as the sole art medium.

Deemed as one of CNN's 12 “Must-see Exhibitions”, The Art of the Brick treats visitors to stunning displays of intricate sculptures made from LEGO bricks. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of LEGO bricks have been used for the thought-provoking works, along with new sculptures created specifically for the exhibition run. Sawaya encourages the art movement by using a medium that visitors can recognize and relate to. He explains “I use LEGO bricks as my medium because I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to artwork created from something with which they are familiar. Everyone can relate to it since it is a toy that many children have at home. I want to elevate this simple toy to a place it has never been before. ArtScience Museum’s distinctive architectural structure and creative mission are inspirational and it’s the ideal location to display works that are fundamentally re-imaginations of the world.”

Sawaya’s most iconic piece to date is the sculpture Yellow –depicting a man tearing his chest apart with LEGO bricks spilling out. This sculpture, like most of Sawaya’s works, is open to interpretation. To him, Yellow is about the idea that “you’re exposing yourself to the world, you’re exposing yourself to all sorts of things.”

One of the pieces on display is an approximately 6-meter long dinosaur skeleton. When asked why he chose to build such a sculpture, Sawya replied “This is one of the largest sculptures I have ever made. It took an entire summer to build and nearly drove me crazy trying to make it work.   After seeing so many kids flock to my first solo exhibition, I wanted to give back something and create a sculpture that children would enjoy.  What could be better than a dinosaur?”

In another first for ArtScience Museum, Sawaya has been commissioned to build an impressive LEGO sculpture of the iconic museum. The ArtScience Museum LEGO sculpture will be unveiled during the opening of The Art of the Brick.

Sawaya has exhibited at numerous distinguished galleries and museums worldwide, which include the MASS MoCA in Massachusetts, Time Warner Center in New York, the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, the Spot Gallery in Paris and Federation Square in Melbourne.

Also showing at ArtScience Museum is Outside In: A Magnum Photos Showcase (through 6 January 2013). The Museum is also one of the five venues to feature 178 works from SIPF’s Open Call (through 25 November 2012)

Outside In is a rare showcase that brings together 143 works by three lauded photographers – Stuart Franklin, Mark Power and Jacob Aue Sobol – from the prestigious photography agency, Magnum Photos.

Stuart Franklin – known for his photograph of a student challenging army tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989 – documents Europe’s altering landscape and impact of environmental changes in "Footprint: Our Landscape in Flux".

Mark Power's "Sound of Two Songs" is an intimate account of a foreigner’s impression of Poland, documenting the poetic side of the country’s fascinating transition and state.
In "I, Tokyo", Jacob Aue Sobol captures his mood and experiences in Tokyo, where he felt overwhelming isolation and loneliness amidst the lack of eye contact in the busy streets and silence amongst big crowds.
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